Our Core Values

To achieve Our Vision and Our Mission

our CORE VALUES are:

  • to promote Faith Community Nursing as a valid Christian ministry;
  • to work with and through churches and faith communities;
  • to define and maintain professional nursing standards as guided by Nursing Council of New Zealand to meet the legally requirement competencies; and
  • to encourage their implementation in the work of its members



In addition to our Core Values NZFCNA will also:

  • work to increase the role of faith and spirituality as an indispensable part of nursing and healthcare;
  • ensure our work is guided and inspired by the Holy Spirit;
  • be committed to promoting the role of faith and nursing as a necessary aspect in wellness and health;
  • act in a professional role at all times;
  • seek to be guided in our work by the attributes of co-operation, collaboration and partnership;
  • strive to be faithful to the Scriptures, Christian tradition and are guided by Biblical principles.

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