Our Mission


NZFCNA will support Faith Community Nurses committed to working through faith communities to provide a ministry of holistic healthcare.



We aim to promote Faith Community Nursing (FCN) as an essential nursing service and ministry to church, government and community by:

  • ensuring the Faith Community Nurse is recognised by the Nursing Council of NZ, the Ministry of Health, accepted health services, nurse education providers and the wider community.
  • ensuring church parishes and faith communities employ, use, promote and support Faith Community Nurses as a necessary form of Christian mission and ministry.
  • providing resources and support to ensure promotion and growth can happen.
  • establishing support and sustain the necessary environment for the growth of the Faith Community Nurse.

We will support, sustain and encourage all aspects of the Faith Community Nurse:

  • through active membership of NZFCNA providing education, newsletters, information and resources to enable the Faith Community Nurse to work professionally.
  • through faith, peer support and networking ensuring the ongoing faith support for and linkage to faith communities through Christian nursing ministries.
  • by providing support through ongoing training, meetings and communicating the necessary resources to assist Faith Community Nurse registration.
  • by providing different models of paid and voluntary Faith Community Nursing practise that can be adapted by individuals to meet the guidelines of church, health services and Government

To ensure the effectiveness of Faith Community Nursing in New Zealand we will develop a strong spiritual support and fellowship for all Faith Community Nurses and faith communities involved with NZFCNA.

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