Jane Wulff: story

A unique start to Faith Community Nursing

"As nurses, we are able to look at people in the congregation differently from the pastoral care team, we're assessing their health. We're not just popping in to say hello to people, but looking at them holistically."

What drew me to Faith Community Nursing

Nelson nurse Jane Wulff describes her journey to Faith Community Nursing as "the wrong way round", but looking back it is obvious that God had a clear plan for her. Jane first read about the ministry through an article in Kai Tiaki Nursing Magazine. She went along to a one-day seminar in 2004, then a four-day conference in 2005. God started speaking to her about her involvement with NZ Faith Community Nursing Association (NZFCNA) soon after. "I knew this was the right thing for me because I had a word from God – I was trying to sleep one night, but I kept hearing the words 'go onto the board'. "I said to the Lord, 'someone has to nominate me', and the next day a nurse friend nominated me – even though I hadn't said a thing!"

A clear path was set

Jane became a board member and then worked her way towards becoming a Faith Community Nurse. "I was on the board for three years, then went on to be regional coordinator for the Wellington and Nelson areas: these roles gave me an understanding of Faith Community Nursing at a national level and how it works across the multiple faith disciplines," she says. Now she is the Parish Nurse (Faith Community Nurse) at the Nelson Anglican Cathedral and she has been in the role for four and a half years. She also works for another Anglican church for eight hours a week. "Even as I worked for the board and as a regional coordinator, I knew I was going to be a Parish Nurse. I have always had a passion for it. While regional coordinator, there were about three people that came along and I enjoyed watching them in their roles and talking with them about what they did in their day-to-day."

Enjoying the ride

Today, Jane looks back fondly on her memories of helping people through difficult times. "I work with an older congregation, so I'm often talking with people about serious health issues or caring for them during a loss of life." A lady she looked after named Beatrice was knocked over on a pedestrian crossing and sustained a very serious head injury and leg fracture. "One precious memory I have is about two days after Beatrice's accident, I was at the hospital and felt to pray for the family. We prayed the Lord's Prayer together and the expression on Beatrice's face was one of peace and serenity. "What an honour to journey with Beatrice on her road to recovery."

Benefits of belonging to NZFCNA

Another highlight for Jane is being able to combine her Christian faith and nursing skills, to care for people with a holistic approach. She encourages other Christian nurses to prayerfully consider joining the organisation. "I would encourage anyone thinking of becoming a Faith Community Nurse to pray and seek God. Is this what God wants me to do? Speak to the church team leadership and talk to other Parish Nurses," she says. "This journey through Parish Nursing has reinforced my beliefs as a Christian, and has reminded me that our God is an awesome God, and one that gives us the energy and strength we need. "Parish Nursing is what God wants me do and I cannot do this job without the Lord in my life. If we allow God to work through us, He can work miracles."

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