Ane Masima, Parish Nurse and Practice Nurse: Tongan Health Society:

ane-masimaMy name is Ane Masima employed by the Tongan Health Society as a .7 Parish Nurse and .3 Practice Nurse. I work for a Tongan church known as the Tongan Wesleyan church named as Mo’unga ki he Loto. There are 28 families and a total of 158 parishioners.

I meet their needs by :-

-Home visit, identify and assist their needs.
-Take a mobile health clinic to the church once a week.(Mobile Van)
-Run an exercise group in the church hall once a week.
-Provide health education eg:- Quit smoking, Immunizations, Diabetes, etc.
-Demonstrate a healthy way of cooking our own Tongan food at the church camp.
-Referral to other Agencies and resources.
-Liaise with other Services.
-Partnership with the Steward’s wife in running a women prayer group.

I love to see the families of the Parishioners realise their own health needs and work hard to recover and live a better life.

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