Janet Hogan RN, PG Dip HthSc, DipBS, Foundation Cert. Chaplaincy. Board Member

201409Janet Hogan - cropped

"I have been a nurse for 38 years. As a teenager I went nursing because I believed if I could look after a person’s physical wellbeing, then I would be better prepared to look after another's spiritual wellbeing (and because everyone told me an 18 year old was too young to go into the ministry).  I am an active member of The Salvation Army and have a commitment to professional development, four papers to go to complete my Masters in Clinical Nursing.  I have also completed in recent years a Dip of Biblical Studies and a Foundation of Chaplaincy Certificate.I see FCN as a Health Chaplaincy role and when God gives me an opportunity to use my faith either in my work or community I see it as a real privilege."

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