Glenys Webster

glenys-websterAlan (my husband) was sent a Faith Community Nursing advertisement about a Conference in Christchurch 8 years ago when I was the Assistant Manager for Sarona Community (mental health residence) .As a nurse at the time, I felt quite isolated and was delighted to hear of the organisation. I was worried that I might not fit the criteria to belong. When I met the lovely people involved and enjoyed the fellowship I wanted to join. The concept grew on me as I found the different ways and levels of involvement of the nurses. At that time I had gone back to Polytech as a CAPS student to renew my APC as I had been in mental health so long my general one had expired.

I continued going to conferences every year which I found inspiring and also attended regional meetings. I then joined St John of God which was a Faith Community in itself and although I am now working there in the Pastoral Care team, I have held on to my Practicing Cert in case I ever need it to be a FCN. I believe it is something I will do in the future as I' m also passionate about building the church and promoting its relevance and I think the two goals could combine in Faith Community Nurse practice. I remain interested in mental health and have a post grad cert from Otago University in this."

Glenys has provided ongoing support to nurses in the Christchurch area as well as being on the Board of NZFCNA where she has shared her pastoral skills and helped facilitate interactive sessions at conferences.

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