Kris Telfer RN

KrisI have been a paediatric nurse for 40 years. I decided I would be a nurse when I was 6 years old! Working in the old Princess Mary Hospital and now Starship Children's Hospital in Auckland.  Although I am not a Faith Community Nurse, I have been involved with the NZFCNA for a number of years. I was attracted to the concept as a way of bringing my faith and nursing together and being able to provide care to the whole person. However I felt my role in the association was to be a supporter and helper to the practicing FCNs. I have been a board member and involved with the Auckland region. I am also a spiritual director and love co-leading creative focus days as part of Solace - I think becoming a spiritual director came out of my search for the answer to a question I had about 10 or so years ago, “How was I, as a Christian nurse different.”  I realised this was not just related to my nursing but my whole life. I’m still not sure I have the answer!

It is for me another way of caring and nurturing others, helping them to discover where God is in their lives.  I also participate in running a women's community group in my local Vineyard Church.

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