Rev Faye Davenport RN, Deacon, DipBus, BA, BTh, MN, MEd

Faye Davenport

"My faith is very important to me and has sustained me through a number of challenges in my life. I engage in daily Bible reading and reflection. My faith journey began when as a child I attended church, and got to know Christ, through my grandmother. In 2004 I was ordained Deacon. I preach, teach and lead services. 

I am actively involved in pastoral care. It includes visiting parishioners who have been hospitalised. I integrate aspects of health in to my sermons and teaching in the church, both locally and on a wider basis in the city and the Diocese. Early in 2017 I initiated a blood pressure ‘clinic’, this has been the catalyst for many and varied conversations. A few years ago I ran a series of discussions related to the five most common cancers. I called the series ‘Know Your Normal’ (so that you can then recognise anything ‘abnormal’).

My Nursing journey

As a pre-schooler I aspired to be a nurse and that did not change. In 1976 I applied to commence my nursing training. Due to my lack of school qualifications I was encouraged to train as an Enrolled Nurse. I completed this training in 1977-1978 and then worked as an Enrolled Nurse in the oncology ward and then the infectious diseases ward. I went on to complete my Comprehensive Nurse training and worked mainly in oncology.  I began to work part-time as a marker for nursing students’ assignments; and later I began to support nursing students on their clinical placements. This led to fulltime nursing lecturer work. Now I am teaching a first year professional nursing paper and supporting nursing students in clinical practice. I lead a session with, largely international nursing students, exploring spirituality in nursing, what that means and what it might ‘look like’, how we might recognise this dimension in the care we provide.

I also have an interest in palliative care and am currently leading a research cluster looking at how nursing students might be more effectively prepared for palliative care. 

My Education

At the conclusion of my Comprehensive Nurse training I went on to complete a Bachelor of Arts qualification (majoring in nursing studies and religious studies) (1993). Following that I completed a Master of Nursing (1998) and then a Master of Education (adult education) (2004) degree. I subsequently completed a Bachelor of Theology degree (2006) and then a diploma in business studies (focusing on management). In 2019 I became the Chairperson of NZFCNA.  

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