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2013 Conference evaluations


The conference presentations enriched my spiritual work as a nurse/faith community nurse.

Not at all

Very little

Reasonably          I I

Quite well           I I I I

Very well            I I I I

The conference sessions provided useful clinical information and insights for my nursing practice.


Not at all

Very little        I

Reasonably      I I

Quite well       I I I

Very well        I I




Great – once I found it. Warm & intimate

Very suitable.

Easy to find, great space for us to present. Satisfactory.

Good venue, small and cosy – nice.

Suitable, easy access.

Lovely room – only drawback was the access through another room.

For small numbers ok.




Excellent – thanks ladies..


Very good. Thank you very much.

Good – lovely food thankyou.

Good – adequate.

Elizabeth's muffins etc lovely and subways very adequate.

Helpful to buy in and have local FCN cooking muffins.


Guest speaker:


Great – but a pity Chris was not a christian!

Interesting – many points for our nursing practice.

Very good. Great interactive and participatory session.


Privledge to have Dr Chris Perkins – enjoyed the interactive session, changes my thinking.

Good interacitve, but lacked real spiritual Biblical input.

Informative, good rapport, listened to delegates and obviously well immersed in her topic.

Liked interactive session. Not a strong christian focus.


What would you like to see in future conferences? (speakers, topics, venue, location etc):

A great day, There are so many models of faith nursing that affirms what I am doing is correct.

Social justice – excellent idea.

Emergency care.

Nurses managing case loads.

Nurses growing in their faith.

Believe we need to include a Maori perspective at longer conference. Welington good choice as needs input to regrow this part of NZ and its FCN's.

Stories of practice FCN and their calling to role. Mental health. Holy Spirit and healing.


Any other comments:

My question wasn't answered.

Loved the warmth and intimacy of this meeting. Really a chance to connect more with people.

Thank you to the hard working Board. Wonderful networking and meeting other christian nurses.

Thank you each one for the organising, planning and delivery of programme today.

Excellent conference, always good to gather together.

Thank you for welcoming me. Though not registered or working as a nurse any longer, but great insight to FCN and support in my pastoral co-ord role in my church Epsom/Mt Eden Presbyterian.


Glad to introduce prayer into the program. Feel in would be good to have a more devotional speaker as well as someone with a professional aspect. To not have a faith component in the guest speakers suggest to NC and others that the distinctive of FCN which is the Faith component is of little consequence. The short devotional introduction set a good tone. I would like to suggest that you consider a speaker from a well known ministry who serves as a Christian health professional. We must not confuse spirituality with faith as there is a definite risk that New Age health practises can become integrated within the FCN ministry and a strong Biblical basis. The USA FCN Journal has many articles that could be used for a discussion group and provides but Christian spiritual input and professional insights. Just an idea. Suggest time put aside for delegates to pray together about their different situations.

 Avoid concurrent sessions for one day conferences.

Two days conference – better value and more time to connect.

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