Heather Rodwell: biography

Heather has been in full time ministry as an officer within The Salvation Army for 25 years.  It is a busy and demanding life offering a variety of responsibilities, including leading corps (churches) in Canterbury; serving in community work; regional roles in Christchurch and Auckland, and now Heather is based in Wellington serving at the Army's national headquarters. Offering retreats is a rewarding part of Heather's role.

Heather is a mother of two adult children - both married - a daughter in the UK and a son in Christchurch.  She is loving being a Nana to her two delightful grandchildren.

The busy pace of life coupled with the changing nature of society, sent Heather searching for new ways of knowing God and herself in the 1990s.  This included Counselling training, and completing a Spiritual Director Formation Programme.  Having adopted a lifestyle of prayer and other disciplines, Heather has discovered that she can live from a deeper core. She love the opportunities to engage with others on their spiritual journeys, which can be the means of mutual encouragement.