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2013 Conference report

HOLDING HANDS: Journeying Together As Faith Community Nurses

The NZ Faith Community Nurses' Association (NZFCNA) annual conference was held on September 7th in Auckland at the Order of St. Luke Centre in Remuera. The venue was significant as the Order like NZFCNA also has a special mandate to reach out to the Community in healing through the church.

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The Journey of faith

Spirituality as we age

Dr. Chris Perkins
Selwyn Centre for Ageing and Spirituality


Photos from the 2013 Conference

Good sorts: Noreen Wright

2012 Conference Feedback

'retreat a blessing'; 'Enjoyed and touch by God'; 'thanks to team; wonderful to be together'; 'retreat in the beginning was great'; 'thank you for your passion'; 'conference vital part of help and support for FCN'; 'stirred desire to own my work as a great privilege'; 'Thank you Christchurch for great conference and for serving us when you are struggling yourselves'; 'Blessing in abundantly.'

Report to NZFCNA of the UK conference: 'Faith in Health and Healing: Integrating the church with health services'

It is a pleasure to write this report reviewing the key elements of this landmark conference which I had the opportunity to attend in Coventry, Birmingham, UK. It was organized by members of The Anglican Health Network, which is an integral part of the Anglican Communion based in London but with a membership of thousands across the world.

The conference delegates were not exclusive to the Anglican Communion and there were representatives from all faith traditions and none. The network was amazing and very inclusive. There were Norwegian Lutheran, an Israeli Cardiologist, A Buddhist and members from a Sikh community – all gave workshops.
Leading health professionals, clergy and lay people representing many Christian faith traditions and church communities gathered from across the globe.

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2013 Conference Speaker – Chris Perkins

Chris PerkinsChris Perkins is a psychiatrist who has mainly worked with older people for most of her career – as a result she has developed an interest in dementia and is the author of Dementia: What You Need to Know ( 3rd edition of dementia: a New Zealand Guide). She keeps in touch with psychiatric practice by doing occasional locums around New Zealand. She is the chair of the National Dementia Cooperative.

She has been employed by the Selwyn Foundation for nearly 5 years as the Director of the Selwyn Centre for Ageing. The Centre was set up in recognition of spirituality as being central to holistic care; the key areas of focus are education, research and advocacy. Since being in this job it has been a steep learning curve for her! She has also noticed that New Zealanders seem to be more interested in spirituality, though not necessarily in traditional faith terms.

Dr Chris Perkins
Selwyn Centre for Ageing and Spirituality

The Selwyn Foundation
PO Box 8203, Symonds Street, Auckland 1150
Level 4, 1 Nugent Street, Grafton, Auckland 1023
DDI: 09 849 9202 | Fax: 09 845 0700


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8TH JUNE   9-12PM  at St Barnabas Church,  Fendalton,  Christchurch.

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