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Professional and Organisational Strategies to Promote Self Care

Supervision - regular and meaningful

Boundaries - Includes limit setting (e.g. number of trauma clients)

Dont take work home, limit work hours

Balance - workload, variety of tasks such as meetings, paperwork etc

Support - from management, peers, associations, unions, EAP, personal counsellors, mentors, preceptors.

Programmes - that promote wellness; self-awareness and self-care e.g Myers-Briggs, Enneagram workshops

Education - stimulating new ideas; educate re burnout, vicarious trauma/compassion fatigue through workshops. Upskilling active listening skills, motivational interviewing

Comfortable work settings sets the scene for client and counsellor

Debriefing (formal and informal) on difficult situations/critical incidents

Supportive policies which recognize the high risk nature of counselling

Acknowledgement of interconnectedness of personal and work related stresses Humour gets the endorphins going, raise your serotonin levels

Positive community activities widen your horizons, channel outrage into social and political change

"Practice what your preach" warmth, congruence, unconditional prositive regard, empathy, active listening, 'I' statements.

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