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A Person Journey to Understanding Partnership From of Nursing Perspective

Judith C Christensen

Paper presented at the Faith Community Nurses Annual Conference held at Hamilton 9 August 2009 by Judith C.

Christensen I have come to believe that:

  • Nursing is translated into reality in the practice of a qualified nurse person – that's where nursing exists – in an encounter between nurse and a person Nursing cannot be expressed or practised as if it is a defined and distinctive list of tasks The whole nursing enterprise exists to bring a qualified nurse into contact with a person in need of nursing so the nurse can deliver thoughtful, skilful, timely nursing within a warm, purposeful relationship
  • Nurses bring their personal model for practice as well as their accumulated life wisdom to each nursing situation Nursing has two primary time orientations – in the dynamic present moment, and accumulating encounters over time
  • Nursing shapes and is profoundly shaped by the totality of the nurse's life experience – attributes, understandings, relationships, happenings, beliefs and values Nursing practice requires the intentional and ongoing surveillance of the patients' circumstances, and informed, ongoing interpretation and re-interpretation of the situation within a nursing framework
  • Each person experiences their life as a whole, so there is a constant interplay between their presenting health related experience and the totality of their life experience and wisdom Nursing occurs concurrently with the ongoing life experiences of all concerned Each nurse needs to intentionally seek to understand what is happening or could happen to any person who does/will or might need nursing, including the nature of their lived health experience and life circumstances
  • Every registered nurse practises within a specialty area from the time of registration, and is expected to embed an understanding of the circumstances of the population they are nursing within their personal framework for nursing practice The nursing dimensions of a health experience are the primary concern and area of expertise of the nurse
  • Very registered nurse needs to enter a nursing encounter ready to act – to be open to the possibilities in each encounter and to constantly practice situational decision making Nurse and patient bring different perspectives to the nurse-patient encounter The knowledge available to nurses and patients for care decisions are not the same Patients make decisions on the information they have available to them, and they will not always make "good" decisions
  • The way in which a nurse-patient partnership happens – step by step, decision by decision, action by action, word by word, encounter by encounter – is just as important as the actual outcome Nursing is an asymmetrical relationship where the focus ob both nurse and patient is on optimising the patient's experience of a health related experience
  • Within the nursing partnership both nurse and patient are active; both have work to do; and the expertise of both is essential to the outcome

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