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Susan's Story

Susan, a faith community nurse, describes a situation where her intervention has made a difference a difference to a family in her community.

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A story from Dora

Dora's story

Dora has been a public health nurse and a practice nurse in her rural community and is now working as a FCN. She knew a family where the husband had dementia, we will call him Fred, and he was being cared for at home by family and caregivers.

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Jo Little: story

Faith Community Nursing reignited Jo's passion

"Nurses have that ability to to see people individually and minister to them in a personal way, but I also recognise how nurses within different denominations interact with people – I like the way other nurses approach their members who need their help."

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Jane Wulff: story

A unique start to Faith Community Nursing

"As nurses, we are able to look at people in the congregation differently from the pastoral care team, we're assessing their health. We're not just popping in to say hello to people, but looking at them holistically."

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My Parish Nursing Journey: Judi

I first started to think about using my nursing training and experience in the church community in the 1980s. I was aware that musicians, teachers, administrators, preachers, youth workers, builders and others could all be used in the church environment, but when I suggested that nurses could offer their gifting as part of the pastoral care team, there did not seem to be much enthusiasm.

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Knee replacement for Madge

When I was first commissioned as the Parish Nurse at the town Anglican Church in February 2012, I had only attended the church for approximately 18 months, during which time I had spent 2 months working in a nursing school in Africa.  Consequently I did not know many of the parishioners. I started making routine visits to those who were in retirement homes, especially those who seemingly were unable to attend church. I heard about them through the church pastoral care team, prayer chain or from their concerned neighbours.

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Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill are a retired couple in their late 60s. (Names changed) It is the second marriage for both and 3 years ago they moved into an apartment in a lovely retirement village so that they could  'lock up and leave' and explore the country in their campervan and enjoy some cruises. They both have children and grandchildren who are all very supportive of this relationship.

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Beatrice's story

I have Beatrice's permission to tell this story


Beatrice is a 84 year old woman who is a well loved cathedral parishioner. She lives alone, has a strong faith and a very supportive family. Beatrice is a friend of mine as well as a Parishioner.

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